Brother Knights,

Welcome to our website!  We hope it serves us well in keeping open the lines of communication as we return to our service activities.  We ask again for your active participation at monthly business meetings and in the events that we will post on this website.  Please use this site to update your contact information if it has changed.  If you haven't provided an email address, please consider providing one.

Support in time of need.

Please include your council in your funeral service planning for yourself or family.  If someone does pass away , do notify the Grand Knight (760-390-6573 ) or Chancellor (734-422-2478) regarding arrangements and the support you would like to receive from your council.  The Knights of Columbus is all about helping our members and their families in difficult times.  We are here for you.  

Likewise Brother Knights, if you hear of a council member or of his family who passing away, please pass this on to the Grand Knight or Chancellor.  

Brother Knights that have passed on to their just reward the last five Columbian years.  Please remember them in your prayers.

Sam Farhat                                                                                                          MIchael Florkowski

Donald Konieczke                                                                                              Doctor S. Richard Kelley

PGK Carl L. Wiltshire                                                                                         PGK Gustave J. Balluff, Jr.

Joseph J. Zassadney                                                                                          Maurice Chateauvet

Alfred Mengel                                                                                                     Kim Emery

PGK Lawrence E. Gorman                                                                               Timothy Francis O'Leary

​Robert C. Raeck                                                                                                 Stephen A. Ranauer

Gerald Breault                                                                                                   John Estrada

Earl J. Donohue                                                                                                 Thomas R. Boddy

Robert H. Evans                                                                                                 William C. Tackett

Stephen A. Madej​                                                                                             Robert K. Novak

George Gosdzinski                                                                                           Charles E. Gumina

Chester Kurlapski                                                                                             PGK, PFN,FDD Bill Wilson

Leonard O'Neil

Prayer List  JUN 2018

Vic Bianchi

Deacon Fred Burrel

Mike Carpenter

Aubrey Nacole Cooper

Scott Cowles

Ted Dul

Bob Durden

Janet Fleeman

Bill and Mary Glenn

Beverly Giuliani

Jay Hughes

Donald Kaetz

Mike Kernan

Richard Luch

John Lynch

Chris Major

Rene Mason

Kathy Mertins

Pamela Milz

Lauren Organ

Charlie Ouellette PGK

Kathy Overstreet

Daniel Patterson

Dennis Pietraz

Thomas Piotrowski

Mike Portis

Bob Prokop

Glenn Ray (Chancellor/PGK's brother)

Mae Rose

Wesley Russell

Ray Saenz

Bob Squires

Delores Trepkowski

Janna Turk

Timothy Wedesky

Patty Young

Mike Zdan

For additions or updates, please contact the Chancellor at 734-422-2478 or 313-530-0272.

Knights of Columbus

Immaculate Conception Council 4513

Knights of Columbus

Immaculate Conception Council 4513