Knights of Columbus

Immaculate Conception Council 4513

Business Meeting Minutes

Per a suggestion, we will now give a meeting summary

14 FEB 2018

  • Meeting started at 7PM
  • Grand Knight welcomed all present recognizing both Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday
  • Newest 3rd degree member Ron "Bob" Berger
  • Past activities:  Pancake Dinner, Superbowl Football Squares
  • Update on sick members:  Wesley Russell, Bob Prokop, Mike Portis, Mike Carpenter and PGK Charlie Ouellette.
  • Donation from last Tootsie Roll Drive delivered to Penrickton.
  • Taxes will be done by preparer found to the Worthy Treasurer.  Last years returns given to him for preparer.
  • Upcoming events in MAR:  10-11 Donuts after all masses, 12 Shamrock Shuffle Set up, 14 Shamrock Shuffle/Next meeting, 24-25 Tootsie Roll Drive after all masses.
  • Anyone wishing to run for KofC state office, introducing a proposal, or attending the convention Memorial Day weekend on Mackinac Island, let us know.
  • We need a couple to be the council's Building the Domestic Church Chaircouple to develop and implement programs that help the entire family to better understand their Catholic faith and put it into practice.  Straight forward step by step implementation actions will be provided.
  • Retention:  Membership is at 220.  2 suspensions and 3 voluntary resignations are pending.
  • Voted to pay all the Supreme semiannual per capita tax which had been corrected for our loss of our membership.  Voted to pay half of the uncorrected State semiannual per capita tax.  Will pay balance when corrected assessment is made.
  • Treasurer reported all  account balance
  • FS announced that Knight Alert Letters were going out shortly.  Have 34 delinquent members to date.  10 are chronic with 2 or more years in arrears.
  • District Deputy discussed importance of membership and family.
  • Chancellor presented revised sick list.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Minutes from 14 MAR 2018

7 PM  Meeting opened.  Worthy Distct Deputy and Faithful Navigator Assembly #1536 present.
Grand Knights Report
 -Yet another conflict WED meeting.  Shamrock Shuffle also held.  Members encouraged to attend and assist with cleanup after 9 PM
-Chaplain and WDD agree to move monthly meeting to second THU to accommodate Fr. Iber.  Will start in APR 2018
-Active shooter training conducted at church.  2 Followup information sessions will be scheduled for all parishoners.
-Donuts/Recruiting event conducted last weekend.  Next D/R event will be 7-8 APR.
-Corporate communion also held last weekend.  Note that Knights and their families are invited to sit together.  Next CC scheduled to 9 AM mass on 24 JUN.
-Attended retention meeting on past MON.  Please find family, friends, and coworkers who may be interested in becoming Knights.
-Council taxes being prepared.
Upcoming events
-24-25 MAR Tootsie Roll Drive after all masses
-7-8 APR Donuts/Recruiting
-12 APR (THU) Meeeting
-Council Officer Nominations in MAY
Sickness-report given on health of members on sicklist.  Keep them in your prayers.
Retention Report
219 members.  1 voluntary resignation, 1 reinstatement, 1 RCIA member going to join
Other  Reports
Treasurer gave his report
Financial Secretary sent out Knight Alert letters.
District Deputy reported activities and encouraged recruiting members through their wives.
Faithful Navigator reported that Our Assembly will be having Corporate Communion and be performing a Chalice Ceremony for Tony Marone at St Colette, 17600 Newburgh Rd, Livonia  on Saturday, April 7, at the 5:30 mass.
7:40 PM meeting adjourned.

Minutes from 12 APR 2018

Meeting started at 7 PM

Welcome to First THU meeting.  Change of date at request of our Chaplain and pastor.

Literature book stand is located outside our meeting room.   Still need a knight and spouse to lead Building Domestic Church Program.

Tootsie Roll drive collected $773.66 enabling us to donate $618.93 to Penrickton

Donuts/Recruiting conducted previous SUN

Upcoming events:

26 APR Fashion Show.  In need of servers.

7 MAY  Living rosary

10 MAY Business meeting/Nomination of officers.  In need of GK.

12 MAY 3 PM  set up for Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast

13 MAY 7AM-1:30 PM Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast.  Need help with prep, cooking, and cleanup. 

26-27 MAY  Donuts/Recruitment after all masses

23-24 MAY  Donuts/Recruitment.  Corporate Communion at SUN 9 AM mass for Knights and families.

Retention-8 -10 Knights will be contacted pending suspension.

Treasurer Report given on balances

FS Report

WDD Spaghetti dinner at O'Kelley.  Building Domestic Church and Recruitment highlights

WC asks for continued participation by Knights in support of the parish.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Minutes 10 MAY 2018

7 PM Meeting begins.

Thanks to:

Deacon Skip and Tony Schillaci for helping out at the Living Rosary.

The entire Santeiu for their help at the Fashion Show.

Upcoming events:

12 MAY 3 PM Pancake Breakfast Setup

13 MAY 7 am-2 PM, Food Prep, Cooking, Cleanup for Pancake Breakfast

26/27 MAY (Correction now 2/3 JUN) Donuts/Recruitment after all masses

14 JUN  Business meeting.  Election of new officers.

Retention.  8 knight pending suspension for chronic nonpayment.  Still trying to track down RCIA graduates who expressed interest in becoming Knights.

Treasurer report given on checking, savings, and money market balances.

$300 check to State for payment toward per capita.  Still awaiting correction for membership change.  $400 to state for Boysville.  Half of full amount.  That should also be changed to reflect drop in membership roster.

FS not present due to work conflict.  Should have sent out Notice to Retain.  Need new form 100 for reinstatement and non issued membership card for life member..

District Deputy not available due to work conflict.

New Business, nomination of officers.  Openings for GK, DGK, Chanceller, 3(and possibly1) year Trustee, Recorder.

Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM.

Minutes from 14 JUN 2018

Meeting convened 7 PM.

At Donuts/Coffee event RCIA graduate indicated desire to become a Knight.  Member read in via email. James Torres became a third degree Knight on 10 JUN.

Upcoming Events -24 JUN Corporate Communion 9 AM mass, 7 JUL Fr. Iber 30 year ordination anniversary.  Scholarship deadline is AUG.

Retention.  1 new member and 1 reinstated member form 100, 2 voluntary resignations, and 6 Intent to Retain forms sent to Supreme on 12 JUN 2018.

Treasurer reported on bank balances.  Discussion determined that all appeals for state per capita change exhausted.  Remaining balance will be paid as well as Boysville balance.

FS not present.

Elections held.  New GK is Dennis Karczynski.  New DGK, 3 year Trustee, 1 year Trustee also elected.  Still in need of an Outside Guard, and a recorder.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM.

District Deputy reported on Mackinac convention.