JUN 2018

My Brother Knights,

This will be my last Newsletter as Grand Knight.

It has been a busy five years in our transition to a parish council.

I would like to thank all those who have stepped up over the years to keep our council going.  We still have a long way to go to become a full strength council.  However, without your help, we never would have made it this far.

Our new Grand Knight, Dennis Karczynski has a long history of service to the church and the community.  He will be a great leader in the rebuilding pursuit.  He will be aided by another behind the scenes, hard and dedicated worker, Tony Schillaci, your new Deputy Grand Knight.  Please learn form their lead so that you, too, may lead this council.

We will continue to meet the second THU of the month to accomodate the schedule of our chaplain and pastor Father Iber, at 7 PM in classroom 15.

I truly hope that you take an active part in your council by attending the meetings and helping out at our activities during they year.

Vivat  Jesus,

Jeff Gorman


My Brother Knights,

It is 2018 and our council has made some very significant changes in the past 5 years.  As we transitioned from a building council to a council with a temporary meeting place to a parish council, we have lost quite a few members.  Some were dissatisfied with the whole process.  Some transferred to other councils.  Sadly, a significant number passed away.  Unfortunately, we also lost contact with a lot of members and were unable to find them despite combined efforts of our council and state retention committees.  And some, for various other reasons, simply did not want to be Knights any more. 

All those changes have left membership at about 220 members of whom about half are life members.  To say that we have a very senior group would be an understatement.  However, we are not alone in that situation.  There are a lot of fraternal organizations like the Lions, Elks, Moose among others who face this condition.

  Our challenge  is to utilize our solid membership roster and rebuild this council into the dynamic one it had been at one time.  The council turned 60 years old last year and it is time to recommit with the fervor that started it.

What can you do to help in this undertaking?  The basics.  Attend meetings on the second WED of the month at our own meeting space in the ministry center (former St. Raphael's School) room #15. (Stay informed, we may be changing it to the second THU of the month to allow Fr. Iber to attend.)  Lend a hand in all our activities throughout the year.  Refer to the Upcoming Events page of this website to learn about the when and where.

What you can do to truly insure the success of the council?  Bring in new members.  And not just new members but men that are committed to fraternal service.  Men who want to become better Catholics by being better servants in the community.  As Knights, we are hear to support our members, their families, and our Catholic community.  As Saint Francis says, "it is in giving that we receive." 

And where do we find such men?  As they also say, it starts in the home.  Sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, etc. are very good sources.  So are friends and coworkers. 

We will have recruiting/donuts event and have had some success in the past.  Getting folks we know well, however, is the best bet for continuous committed service and long term health of the council.

Finally, if it suits your time  availability and dedication, please consider volunteering to hold an officer position.  As long as you are a third degree member in good standing, you are eligible.  Not all positions require equal commitment.  You can choose one and change to another as your life changes.  The council needs good men to lead as well as to volunteer.  Each of us brings unique experience and vision and we can benefit from both.

So do keep the faith in God, the Church, and in your ability to serve others in this fraternal service organization.

Vivat Jesus,

Jeff Gorman

Grand Knight

Knights of Columbus

Immaculate Conception Council 4513